Service Times

Sunday School

9:30am - 10:15am


Sunday Morning Worship

10:30am - 12:00pm


Wednesday Night Prayer Service



Sunday School Class

The primary goal of our Sunday School Classes is to “equip the Saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:12). These classes are designed to deepen your understanding of Scripture while teaching you to apply its timeless truths to life and culture. Most classes last 8 to 16 weeks and will range from the study of Scripture to theology, evangelism, and history. We provide classes for both children and adults. We all worship together after Sunday School.


Current Classes

Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey


Upcoming Classes


Church History

Explaining Christianity

Membership Matters


Sunday Morning Worship

At FBC, we are a loving community of believers who seek to encourage one another in our walk with Christ. Our church is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. We are firmly committed to the accurate preaching and teaching of the Bible, God’s Holy Word. We believe that the best way to grow men and women of faith is through consistent study and application of the BibleOur Sunday morning service is the primary corporate gathering of FBC. As a body we come to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching, singing, reading and praying of God’s word. 


Preaching The Word

At FBC, we believe that "All Scripture Is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Because of that belief, we faithfully and unashamedly preach the Word of God. The sermon is the centerpiece of our worship service. It is the time when God's Word is read, explained, and applied to our lives. Our primary method of preaching is verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. The point of the sermon will be the point of the passage before us that particular morning


Singing The Word

Our aim is to sing songs rich with the Gospel. We sing some that are new and some that are old. We encourage you to look deeper than musical preferences to the content of our music - the themes and truths of Scripture. We hope you’ll sing along with our congregation, even if you’re not familiar with every song.


Reading and Praying The Word

Throughout our worship service, we’ll pray in several different ways. Each week, we pray for the specific needs of our congregation, community, and world around us. We also pray in response to the sermon, for our offering, and for other special occasions. We also believe in the importance of reading Scripture in our services, so we feature a dedicated time to read aloud from a passage in the Bible. The full counsel of God’s Word speaks to our lives today, and we want to let it speak for itself in our services. After we read, we will often look to the passage at hand to guide a prayer in light of its truth, which may be a prayer of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, or supplication depending on the passage.


Families Together For Worship


At FBC, we love for families to worship together! We believe that children are a blessing from God and are a vital part of every local church. We do not offer any “children’s church” as we believe children are a part of the entire church family. We do offer age-appropriate Bible study during the Sunday School hour for children, but we want them and welcome them in the service with parents for our main worship hour. We know that having kids in worship with us brings some extra “noise” with it – and we like it that way. We find it to be a comfort and a reminder of the kindness and blessing of God.


If you need to step out momentarily with your children, we offer a private Family Room with a live feed of the service located in the back of the sanctuary.