Hello! I’m Pete Smith. It's a privilege to serve alongside the folks at First Baptist Church of Kingman as pastor.


My Story

I was born in Sturgis, MI, raised in Baltimore, MD, schooled in Dubuque, IA and Dallas, TX before coming to serve as pastor here in Kingman, KS.


Joined FBC

November 2013



Victoria (wife of 14 years), 4 children (2 with brown eyes, 2 with blue eyes; 2 girls; 2 boys).



I recall asking my mom how to become a Christian. She answered. Shortly after I prayed asking for and trusting in the Lord’s forgiveness of my sins because of Jesus' death and resurrection. I was 5 years old. I was baptized thereafter around the age of 12.



B.S. Biblical Studies from Emmaus Bible College

Th.M. Academic Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary


Previous Work Experience

I’ve worked at, in the auto insurance industry, as a campus security guy, t-shirts printer, carpenter and an electrician’s helper.



I have over 21 years of ministry experience in a variety of settings where I brought the combination of experience, attention to details, and education to encouraging faith in Jesus. I love communicating with others frequently, being an expert resource for others on matters concerning Christianity and the Bible, and solving problems in a creative way. My research interests include the Gospels, the covenants, future things, and the relationship between faith and conduct in the life of the believer.




Darrel McNelly

Moved to Kingman in 2002 and has been a member of FBC since. He has taught an adult class for the last 9 years, and served as a Deacon the past 8 years.

Mike Yust

Mike and Amelia and their sons have been Kingman residents since 2014. Mike and Amelia are incredible talents musically.

Andrew Ramirez

Andrew is a native of Derby, KS. He has been a resident of Kingman for 7 years and a member of First Baptist Church for two years. Andrew currently works as a high school teacher in Cunningham, KS. He lives in Kingman with his wife, Anjie, and son, Michael.