At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

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The internet is a treasure trove of free resources to grow in your abilities to live by faith in Christ. Here are some suggestions to check out:




YouVersion: Available online or as an app on your mobile devices. YouVersion allows you to select and read your preferred translation and utilize a number of reading plans. Many translations also include the audio free.


The NET Bible: This is a powerful Bible search engine and a direct link to the plethora of reources. The best part? Over 60,000 NET Bible translation notes. By the way, Pastor Pete's Chronology & Synopsis of the Passion Week is on their site! Another resource with a large variety of translations.


The Bible Web App: allows for multiple panels to read and compare translations.



Bible Study Helps


The Gospel Coalition: Whether you are looking for a Christian perspective on current topics in the public square or needing a sermon to listen to, The Gospel Coalition is a good place to begin. Lots of resources. Just search their database or navigate to what you need.


Best Need a good book on a particular Bible book or subject? Best's rankings are helpful in making good selections.


The IVP New Testament Commentaries: An affordable commentary set now available for free.


Sonic Light: A comprehensive set of commentaries on each book of the Bible by the recently retired Dallas Theological Seminary professor Dr. Tom Constable.


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