At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

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When Cash is King

Luke 16:13-15. The world tells us, "Just one more dollar." "Cash is king." "You are nothing unless you have everything." Ever day dream of winning the lottery? At some point in our lives we have to evaluate this tug on our hearts and see if indeed they are God's thoughts.


Date: 10/4/2015     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Uncommon Cents

Why You Need to Start Treating Debt Like An Emergency

Romans 13:7-8. If you're a slave to debt we are not completely free to do what we have been tasked to do as the church. Find out how to follow Jesus financially and get out and stay out of debt.


Date: 10/11/2015     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Uncommon Cents

Luke 16:1-12. If we want to be followers of Jesus we need to be followers of Jesus financially. So, how should we use wealth? What can we do to not misuse wealth? When it is all said and done, no one wants to regret the use of resources that have been entrusted to us during our lifetime. So what does Jesus teach? Listen and find out.


Date: 10/18/2015     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Uncommon Cents

How to Fix Broke Thinking

Mark 12:41-44. How much should you give toward efforts to make more and better followers of Jesus? The answer is not what you think. It's not 10%. Find out what Jesus thinks to consider how much you should give to support ministry and fix the broke thinking common to all of us.


Date: 10/25/2015     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Uncommon Cents

We constatly hear, "Money changes everything." But what does God have to say about money?


This series is fantastic for those who want to investigate what God thinks because they constantly don't have enough money or use their money to find fulfillment in places that really cannot satisfy and have begun to doubt the world's message.

The Use and Misuse of Wealth

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