Planning a wedding? Come on by and take a look at our newly remodeled auditorium to see if it fits your needs.

Your Wedding at First Baptist Church!

We would be honored to be a part of some of the most meaningful moments in the life of your family.


The fellowship at First Baptist Church wish to extend assistance to you so your wedding ceremony will be a beautiful and memorable event.


No one wants frustration in marriage. Fulfillment is possible. Care is taken to ensure that individuals are prepared with the tools needed for a fulfilling marriage. We offer free premarital counseling!


Overview of the Process


  • Complete a Wedding Application
  • Complete a Building Use Request Form
  • Complete a Calendar Request Form
  • Complete a Social Committee Request Form (optional)
  • Complete a Childcare Request Form (optional)
  • Free Premarital Counseling (5 Sessions)
  • Receive Counselor/Sponsor Approval Letter




All weddings are to be scheduled a minimum of two months in advance and no more than twelve months in advance.


The ideal engagement period is between six and eight months.


Due to seasonal demands on the church facilities, wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, or wedding receptions will not be scheduled on the following holidays: Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (and the day after Christmas), New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.


Wedding ceremonies and wedding rehearsals will not be scheduled on Sunday mornings or at times that will conflict with church services or special church events.


All parties involved in the wedding, including vendors and guests, should abide by the guidelines pertaining to the Wedding Policies and Procedures and Building Use Policy.


Unless requested and approved, assistance from the Social Committee and Childcare will not be provided for wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinners/meals, wedding ceremonies, or wedding receptions.


For more information, please contact the church at 620.532.3797.