At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

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When looking for a church it can be a bit intimidating.


• How will I find my way around?

• Will the folks be friendly?

• What should I wear?

• What’s available for my kids?

• Is there coffee?

• Handicap Accessible?



We’ve been there. Hopefully, this will take away some of those unknowns and make your first visit (or revisit) more comfortable.


9:30AM Worship Service

10:45AM Fellowship

11:15AM Community Groups



What is it Like to be at FBC on Sunday Morning?

When Sunday comes, and you step into church, the resurrection of Jesus redefines everything, even to the furthest reaches of the universe. Come as you are. We’ll let God do the rest.



How Do I Find My Way Around?  

Park wherever you wish. When you enter the building go upstairs! Everything you need will be there.



Are You Friendly?

Remember that song from Cheers?


Sometimes you want to go

Where Everybody Knows your name

And they’re always glad you came

You wanna be where you can see,

Our troubles are all the same

You wanna be where everybody knows your name


Yep. That’s us. Come see if you think so too. We want to be the people you want to be with when you have the freedom to do otherwise. Our church is an environment where it’s okay to not be okay, while simultaneously saying it’s not okay to stay there.



What Should I Wear?

Don’t worry about what to wear. Even the Pastor wears jeans. Be you. Be comfortable.



What is There for My Kids?

Excellent question! Simply put, we have safe environments to introduce children to Jesus. We have screened our volunteers with background checks. Not only that but we never leave a child alone with a volunteer. Our goal is to supply two volunteers for the Children’s Ministries.


On Sunday mornings we have:


• Nursery 0 – 3 year olds (all morning; located upstairs)

We have an excellent Nursery and even a quiet side room to the Nursery for napping ones and nursing needs.


• Children’s Community Groups (from 11:05AM – 12 PM; located downstairs)

Designed for those in Preschool and Elementary ages. Our teachers and helpers communicate with the students using Bible stories and crafts from The Gospel Project Curriculum.


• Children’s Church (optional; during Worship Service; located downstairs)

Begin in the Auditorium and after the singing the children are dismissed with the teacher and helper for age appropriate learning downstairs. Designed for those in Preschool and Elementary ages. Our teachers and helpers communicate with the students using Bible stories and crafts.


• Middle School & High School Community Groups (from 11:05AM – 12PM; located upstairs)



Is There Coffee?  

Yes. Come upstairs to the rear of the auditorium and we’ll have fresh brewed coffee, ice water, and snacks for your enjoyment (free). Fellowship time begins at 10:45AM. It’s our time to one another one another. Have a conversation and enjoy your morning.



Fellowship (10:45 – 11:15AM)

Our time to one another one another. Brother your brother. Sister your sister... and sip coffee or eat a snack.



The Worship Service (9:30AM – 10:45AM)


• Singing: We sing both contemporary praise songs and traditional songs. They are accompanied by guitar and piano.


• The Offering: We pass an offering plate. Electronic giving is also available.


• Prayer time: We love to adore God, thank him for answered prayer and request his intervention on behalf of loved ones. Prayer requests can be made with the Pastor ahead of time or verbalized to all.


• The Message: Our Senior Pastor, speaks most Sundays. He explains a Bible passage in order to show us how God’s word applies to our lives. We have Bibles in the pews so that you can follow along.



Handicap Accessible?

Yes. There is a ramp to the auditorium upstairs or to the basement from the East parkinglot enterance. Restrooms on each floor are also accessible.




So come as you are. Make some friends. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the word of God explained and applied. If you have more questions please email, call, or stop by the church during the week. We’d be glad to assist you.


There may be a million reasons why you could be scared sitting alone in a pew. Disobey your fear and let the music and singing voices of others attending drown out those thoughts.

Sense God's Presence.

Want a dynamic, life giving feeling? Our services are designed to give you the best possible chance to have a God encountering experience. There's nothing like it on earth!

Why Choose Us?


Ever wonder what the Bible really means? The messages faithfully explain the stories and their faith altering, life changing lessons. Come and see!

Opportunities to Serve.

Looking for something meaningful to do? Caring for the unchurched and for one another is a priority at First Baptist Church. We would love to see you come and contribute to God's mission to make more and better followers of Jesus.




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