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At the heart of Kingman with the KING at heart.

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Listen to our Sunday Morning Messages series on the book of Daniel

MEDIA: Daniel

Caught in the Backwash

Daniel 1:1-6. Ever suffer the consequences of someone else's decisions? How should we respond when our lives are affected in dramatic ways? Get Daniel's own perspective and relieve anxiety the next time you're caught in the backwash.


Date: 6/25/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

How Far is Too Far?

Daniel 1:3-21. As we operate and function in a fallen world with its multiplicities of values and pressures to compromise how far is too far? Get Daniel and his friend's answer to how far is too far and get the principle to discern for yourself so your relationship with God doesn't spoil.


Date: 7/2/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

Hope, History, and Rhyme

Daniel 2:1-49. Last night's dream came true: What Happened? For Nebuchadnezzar, his dream was incredibly disturbing. Why so? And why would it be for us as well? Learn what the climax of history is in order to have Hope and History Rhyme for you.


Date: 7/9/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

From Moral Majority to Prophetic Minority

Daniel 2:1-49. If we're citizens of the kingdom of God how do we live as citizens before the kingdom of God before the kingdom of God arrives? How do we function when the majority culture is no longer a God fearing culture, and resistant to our existence? Daniel's example is our help.


Date: 7/16/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

How can people worship the one, true, living God and live and work and function in and operate in a context that is continually pressuring us to compromise and spoil our relationship with God?


Daniel's answers are life transforming and give us the help and hope we need to thrive and in our Babylon today.

Exposing the The Pressure of Pluralism

Daniel 3:1-30. Faithful followers of the Lord have been under varying degrees of pressure to compromise their faith unwittingly. Identitify these powerful forces and know the strategies used and respond appropriately.


Date: 7/30/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

The Precision of Faith and Precise Living

Daniel 3:1-30. Faithful followers of God have always lived in a lose - lose atmosphere. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego navigated that same kind of atmosphere with the precision of faith and precisse living. What does that look like and what are the results?


Date: 8/6/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

An Unlikely Conversion

Daniel 4:1-37; The surprising conversion of Nebuchadnezzar and his testimony. What was he like before he met God? How did he meet God? What difference did it make in his life?


Date: 8/13/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Daniel 5: 1-31; Pride is that insidiuous thing that must be dealt with seriously. If not, the consequences are far worse than the returns that pride can bring. Here's how to address your own pride.


Date: 8/20/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

Lions' Dens Stink So Nice

Daniel 6. How can we maintain hope, be faithful to God, and fulfill God's mission as we live and work in the midst of a nation, culture, and government that are hostile and sometimes life-threatening? Daniel is full of answers.


Date: 11/19/2017     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel

I Have A Confession

Daniel 9:1 - 21. Confession is strange, awkward, and out of style. But we are called to confess. Discover why does Daniel's confession resonate so much with us, God's response, and our response.


Date: 3/18/2018     Speaker: Pete Smith    Series: Daniel    


If They Had Only Known the Day

Daniel 9:20-27; Luke 19:41-44. God's plans for the future are clearly given but not always clearly understood and seen. Daniel is consumed with the question: What's going to happen next for his people since the nation missed out on God's plan for them? Find out if the nation learned their lesson or didn't.


Date: 3/25/2018     Speaker: Pete Smith    Series: Daniel

Seeing the Wind

Daniel 7.  Western accademics discount dreams as subjective. But over one hundred million Americans believe dreams can predict the future. So, what should we do with dreams? The better question to ask is, what does the Bible say about dreams?


Date: 6/3/2018     Speaker: Pete Smith     Series: Daniel  

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